What do Primary PE resources provide?

Primary PE resources are designed by different people as per their experiences and knowledge so that they can be put to proper utilization and application wherever a child is growing, in schools, at homes, in training centers, everywhere.

The goal of collecting and making primary PE resources available is to be able to make every growing individual conscious of health and fitness.

How the PE resources are designed

PE resources just like any other study material can be thought of anywhere, but they have to be put up in an easily understandable format to offer as a guide for the physical education teachers and trainers. AS many are the children, as many are their interests and as many are the challenges a physical trainer experiences. A collection of such experiences are combined with the strategies that can develop motor skills and improve reflexes of children at primary level. They are then framed as guidelines for proper application in and outside the classrooms, more commonly known as indoor PE resources and outdoor PE resources, respectively.

What collectively forms a guideline are:

Physical Education Lessons: Each lesson is designed keeping in consideration the age groups. What are the basics of a particular lesson, what it intends to improve and how will it benefit. A complete lesson is one which can describe all the elements in a clear and concise manner.

Activity Ideas: Different activities are designed for growth at both individual level as well as a team level. Some are performed at the individual level. While some need collaboration inculcating team spirit.

Interesting Presentations: A more presentable lesson and activity generate more interest in the teacher as well as the students. Better is the presentation, better is the understanding and sound more interesting.

Home assignments: Home tasks to track the interest even after the child is back home may be helpful.

Assessment Charts and Aim posters: Tracking and recording overall growth is necessary to be done to study the potential and setting goals across the journey.